5 Mistakes to Avoid When Staging Your Home

Melissa Hill


You never know how long the process of buying and selling a home will last, especially in a competitive real estate market. Nevertheless, there are ways to reach potential buyers if you put some effort into a home you plan to sell. That’s why you should learn about common mistakes to avoid when staging your home. When you know what not to do, you're already a few steps ahead of many. Home staging is a deciding factor for the buyers, so it's essential to do it right.

1 - Incompatible Interior Design

A combination of interior styles is always welcome. However, the problem arises when the interior of a home looks somewhat scattered and incompatible. For instance, a Moroccan-style bedroom won't go well with a vintage-looking kitchen. Therefore, if you notice that your home doesn't look tied together, maybe it's time to hire an interior designer. A simple repaint work and decor changes here and there work wonders. Once the work is over, you'll have a much better-looking home that will interest many buyers.

2 - Cluttered home with too many personal items

The point of staging a home is to present some sort of canvas to potential buyers. They're more likely to make an offer when they can imagine their furniture and decor in the space. Therefore, declutter your home and remove excess pieces like extra furniture, art collection, etc.

Decluttering will undoubtedly take time to complete, especially if you have too many items. Besides, it's a perfect opportunity to give away, sell, or recycle things you don't need anymore. So, get organized and declutter your home one item at a time:

  • Sort all belongings into categories: sale, donation, keep, recycle, and garbage.
  • List the items you want to sell online or via the app.
  • Rent a portable storage container or a climate-controlled storage unit and load them with all unnecessary items.

Leave only a couple of neutral furniture pieces or plants here and there. It helps the buyers get an idea of how they could furnish the place.

3 - Not checking if everything at home works well

Let’s say someone gets interested in your house while searching for a new home and decides to pay a visit. It turns out that the electricity doesn't work well, the wall paint is falling off in some rooms, and the pipes are almost clogged. To avoid such an unpleasant scenario, you must know your house. That means you have to make sure it's not only beautiful but fully functional as well. Forgetting a home inspection is one of the most common mistakes to avoid when staging your home. Therefore, set the alarm or write down a reminder.

Inspect every corner of your home before the visitors do. Check all installations, pipes, and so on. Call an electrician or plumber to fix what's necessary. You'll feel more confident knowing you have all matters regarding your house under control. Make sure to conduct a home inspection in advance so you don't have to worry about it later.

4 - Poor cleaning

Your home must be spotlessly clean from top to bottom to sell fast. This is also one of the mistakes people tend to make. They don't dedicate enough time to cleaning, which hinders their chances of selling a house. Some people are detail-oriented and will check hygiene in every corner first. So, remove accumulated dust from each shelf and furniture piece, mop the floors, and make the entire home squeaky clean. Consider professional cleaning services if you're stuck with too many duties. It's better to have someone do a perfect job for you and help you make the best first impression when potential homebuyers arrive.

Make sure to keep your home clean and tidy until the night before the visitors arrive. Avoid cleaning on an open day. Cleaning in a hurry and getting stressed won't do you any good. Instead, have a home fully ready and arrive earlier to give a final touch here and there.

5 - Neglected patio and backyard

Not taking care of the outdoor parts of a home is one of the most common mistakes people make when staging their homes. Interior isn't all that counts. If your house has a spacious patio and/or backyard, be sure the buyers will take a good look at them. Therefore, check if your patio and backyard require an upgrade. Give your patio a fresh look with paint, and set up the chairs/hammocks, whatever you have. Make your backyard seem well-maintained to an eye.

Hire a realtor to help you stage your home like a pro

If you feel you could use extra help, don't hesitate to consult a realtor with experience. You'll save plenty of time and increase your chances of selling a home. They should assess your home and help you stage it accordingly. The only thing to consider is that the person you intend to hire is trustworthy. Simple online research is enough to reach some of the most reputable realtors. The next step is to conduct a short interview with each agent that seems reliable. 

Check their credentials, read previous testimonials, and confirm the pricing. An opinion, advice, and help of realtors who know what they’re doing is worth the investment.

Stage your home one room at a time

It's impossible to stage your entire home in just one day. Even when you're done cleaning and decluttering, there are some additional adjustments to make. Attention to detail is crucial when staging a home. Remember that a well-maintained home is more likely to sell at a higher price. Plus, more interested people will be arriving to see what's on offer. This is why you should keep in mind what mistakes to avoid when staging your home and learn how to do the staging right. For extra help, you can always consult a trusted realtor and speed up the selling process.


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