How to Use Color Effectively When Staging a Home

Melissa Hill


When you want to sell your home, any reputable realtor would advise you to stage it. Staging is the process of beautifying a property before you put it up for sale. And however silly it might sound to you now, staging plays an essential part in deciding how much money you can earn for the property. Yes, you read that right! If you stage your home correctly, you can raise its value. There are also some staging strategies you can use to ensure your success. You can, for example, learn how to use color effectively when staging a home. So without further ado, let's see how and what colors to use while staging your home.

House exterior

The first impression is the most important. In this case, your house’s exterior creates the first impression. As a result, you must ensure that everything looks perfect and that the colors you pick are appropriate. So, take a look around your neighborhood. Pay attention to the overall look of it and what colors your neighbors are using. Also, if other houses are for sale nearby, look at the staging color trends. That will ensure that your home will look refreshed as well as updated. Furthermore, it will blend in with the surroundings, and your neighbors won’t have any complaints. Our suggestions include using shades of gray, earthy browns, or greige.

At the same time, don't be afraid to add a bit of personality to your home. For instance, you can paint the front door in a contrasting color. That way, your home will have a surprise element, which will look great in photos. Some ideas of colors that you can use are burgundy red, forest green, navy blue, mahogany, or honey yellow.

A way to use color effectively when staging a home is to paint the front door in a contrasting color.

Living room

If you live in a small home, during staging, you will want to make the rooms feel bigger. Colors can help you achieve just that. For instance, you can paint the walls in shades of beige, gray, white, or other neutral hues. Even if it might seem to make a room look boring at first, you will see how it opens up and becomes brighter. Furthermore, you can decorate the room in complementary colors to make it look lively and joyful. For example, you can place a beige sofa in the room and accent it with yellow throw cushions. Or, you can add a white bookstand filled with books of the same bright color. Not to mention how brightly colored armchairs can look in a neutral-hued room.

However, when you need to bring in furniture pieces or take them out, have assistance for this task. Bulky furniture might be difficult to lift or push, putting you at risk of injury. Not to mention that the items can be damaged in the process too. Therefore, it's better to call on professional furniture movers and let them handle all the hard work. They will move everything much faster and, most of all, safely.


Your kitchen is the place where you can play with color and use it effectively when staging a home. You have a variety of small and large items that you can swap for more colorful equivalents. For example, you can replace your traditional white countertop with a black one to increase contrast. Or, you can change the chairs to more colorful and modern-looking ones. You can also use small accents to make the kitchen look livelier. For instance, you can change the towels, supply jars, mugs, or cutting boards with brighter ones. Alternatively, place a bowl or basket of fresh fruit on the counter. Aside from looking and smelling lovely, the fruit will make an excellent present for visitors to your house.

When it comes to the kitchen, small details can make a big difference in color.


If you want multiple offers on your house, focus on the bathroom during staging. Bathrooms can be a deal-breaker if they aren’t as clean and good-looking as they should be. As a result, make your bathroom look like a spa retreat with some new hardware and a fresh coat of paint on the tub. You can opt for a navy gray, for instance, and accent it with fluffy white towels set on the side. In addition, you can make the tub stand out by using contrasting tiles. Aqua or turquoise are great options, but avoid orange or emerald green. Unfortunately, these two hues can make a bathroom look messy rather than tidy.


Bedrooms should give the impression of intimacy and calmness. They are the places where you need to be able to relax and rest after a long day. As a result, using calming colors to paint and decorate a bedroom is essential. One of our favorite combinations is navy blue with ivory or white. Or pale red with blue. Not to mention how great a purple bedroom can look. Eggplant, lilac, and lavender are all hues that can make a bedroom appear both energizing and luxurious.

Blue and white bedrooms look chic and inviting.

Other rooms

When it comes to staging rooms that are not so popular in the home, try to make them neutral. Laundry rooms, mud rooms, home offices, and so on are places where you can do your chores without being distracted. As a result, don’t overdo the colors in these rooms and keep them simple. For instance, you can paint them in white, pale gray, or cream and accent them with pops of color from the surroundings. For example, if the room has windows that overlook a park, green and brown can be accent colors. If you can see the sky or sea, use various tones of blue to complement the neutral room. You can use live or faux flowers, throw pillows, carpets, or art pieces as accessories.

You can teach yourself how to use color effectively when staging a home. The first rule is: if a color doesn’t feel right, don’t use it. It is also essential to stay up to date with current color trends to have a modern-looking home. After all, your objective is to wow potential buyers and convince them that they have found the ideal home.

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