Why Investing in a New Development Is a Good Idea

Melissa Hill


People hesitate to invest in new development because it seems inherently risky with few to no advantages. After all, when making a traditional home purchase, you see what you would be buying rather than sketches and promises. However, this notion tends to blind people to the potential present there! So, let’s closely examine why investing in a new development is a good idea.

Knowing the property is in good condition

Investing in a new development is a good idea because you get a relatively solid guarantee that no renovation or fixes will be needed. Now, some damage still happens sometimes, even in new developments. That can necessitate a minor investment after a move-in on your part. But, by and large, the chances of this are minimized when purchasing a brand-new house or apartment, especially as opposed to a pre-owned one. In fact, on the regular, it is a sporadic occurrence indeed. If you want a guarantee that your new place will be ready to move into as soon as it’s finished, then a new development trumps most other options on the market.

Renovation quickly gets ugly and expensive.

Generally ideal location

The thing about any new development is that people typically don’t invest if it’s not in a good location. Now, of course, there are several possible examples of this. You can have an entirely new neighborhood built up. You can have an extension of one being made. Or even an old one being re-developed after being razed. However, the latter is admittedly quite rare and a rather extreme example. All of these new developments typically have the potential to turn into some of the most popular neighborhoods for young professionals and people looking to start a family. That is because new amenities, great shops, and even lots of eateries and similar all tend to open up around or even in new developments. That can be an invaluable opportunity since most prime real estate is constantly snatched up.

Excellent energy efficiency

Because new development is freshly designed and built, the latest materials and best approaches go into building it up. Typically, it’s leagues ahead of older builds regarding essential factors such as energy efficiency. Do not discount this easily either, because an energy-efficient home can save hundreds of thousands of dollars over just a few seasons. Want to keep your home warm? Suddenly so, so much easier. Want to cool it down? It’s now faster and more manageable to keep a house at a decently cool temp even in the depths of summer. You don’t need to worry about rickety windows and doors playing havoc on your temperature control, which would require an expensive investment to replace in a pre-owned home!

Guaranteed quality is very reassuring!

More ‘modern’ approach to design

Since new builds are about finding buyers quickly and easily, they tend to pander to what is currently popular among home buyers. That turns the task of finding a home with all the desirable in-built amenities from a nightmare into a breeze. Just think about what the recent pandemic has left us all craving. Open floor plans, a home office, easy access to quality internet, a decent amount of storage space, and a solid HVAC system are all on the list for everyone. However, how many old builds can tick off all those requirements? As the experts on the subject associated with All Season Movers can attest, storage needs alone are something most people struggle with, and why finding storage facilities near you can be an ordeal as well! And any sort of alterations to fix these to an old build doesn’t come cheaply.

Tons of potential in the property

Speaking of potential, if you get into a new development investment early enough, you’re in for a real treat. After all, sometimes, it can be possible to negotiate alterations to a pre-purchased home. With that, you have a genuine opportunity to shape what your future home will be like. If you are willing to make additional investments, you can even upgrade the quality of amenities and appliances that were supposed to go into your future property. Of course, even without that, investing in a new development is a good idea due to the sheer potential of an unaltered new home, too. First, all the amenities will be new and likely boast much better performance and energy efficiency than in a pre-owned. Then, you need to keep in mind the speed at which neighborhoods around new developments grow and bring new opportunities.

Investing in a new development is a good idea as you will get a complete insight into what the property will look like!

Reservations and smaller deposits

The final reason why investing in a new development is a good idea comes from finances. Now, yes, on paper, it can seem like a new development is a worse choice due to a longer waiting time and a considerable investment. However, there are two benefits to this. First, you can make multiple deposits and payments over time. You can get through without taking out a mortgage by breaking up the costs into manageable chunks or even relying on selling your home. Second, well, you’d have time. Waiting for a new build to wrap up can be annoying due to the desire to get into your home already. However, whether you are planning on upsizing or downsizing with the move-in address, it takes time and planning. With a new build, you have the time to get everything in order.

Final comment

Now that you understand why investing in a new development is a good idea, you should at least not dismiss it out of hand. While, yes, it is true that the process poses some risks. It offers too much potential and payoff to skip over so readily. It is the vastly better option if you can afford to wait.


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